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What is BandLab for Education? How to Set Online Classroom

BandLab for Education is a music production platform that helps professional song producers. This software gives relaxation to the teachers and brings professional-level music creation experience to the students. Because BandLab is easy-to-use, convenient.

Engagement in music class has never been better than it is right now. With the rapid advancement of technology, it has become challenging for music teachers to stay up to date with incorporating technology into the classroom. Music teachers will benefit from BandLab for Education because it provides a consistent platform for students to achieve tremendous instrumental success, especially as remote learning becomes more widespread.

The Definition Of BandLab For Education 

BandLab for Education is a digital audio workstation that is identical to the tools used by professional producers while creating and mixing music. If we talk about it in a layman term, it is a more user-friendly solution that simplifies complicated tools.

In simple terms, all the heavy-duty computing tasks can be done online. So, you don’t need to depend on software installed on your device to process all the data.

Because the platform is compatible with multiple devices, it makes it more accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.

How To Use BandLab For Education

BandLab for Education is simple to implement in your classroom. This is no doubt one of the most essential tools for music professors. BandLab is a cloud-based music-producing tool available to anyone with an internet connection.

Chromebooks have become very popular in schools across the United States.The educational program called BandLab works really well on these devices.

Students and teachers will be able to communicate easily during the full duration of the music production, allowing teachers and professors to do the following tasks:

The Procedure for Setting BandLab For Education

  1. Visit and go to the start as teacher option
  2. Then, you will be directed to the account creation section; you can also log in with your school email. 
  3. In the next step, you can join a class, create a school and begin.

What Are BandLab’s Most Excellent Features For Teachers  

Who invented school and classroom in BandLab for Education doesn’t take long. It’s straightforward and quick. You are making it easy for your students to start working on their projects and for you to start engaging with technology in the music classroom.

If you’re having trouble making assignments or navigating BandLab Basic, you can find BandLab for education tutorials by clicking “Let’s get started.

  • Add students to your music class without any issues. 
  • Create various classrooms at multiple levels.
  • Assign projects and homework to students and keep a record of their progress.
  • Cooperate with students any time of the day to resolve their queries.
  • Form up a gallery for each student’s work.
  • With BrandLab for education grade books, record students’ grades.

BandLab’s Outstanding Features For Students

BandLab for Education provides various useful features for students:

  • BandLab is an online music creation platform that allows students to experiment and produce music without physical equipment.
  • It provides a selection of virtual instruments and premium effects for students to improve their music.
  • Students can collaborate on music projects, promoting teamwork and creativity.
  • Teachers can monitor class progress and grade submissions and provide immediate feedback on student performance.
  • BandLab is meant to be user-friendly, making it simple for students to begin composing music.
  • BandLab, a cloud-based platform, is accessible from any device with an internet connection.


What Is The Cost BandLab for Education 

The best part about BandLab for Education is that it’s free! The virtual lab software is free for teachers across the United States. Other BandLab Technologies come with reasonable rates, and you will be presented with powerful music creation tools. This includes but is not limited to:

  • 200 gratis, MIDI-compatible instruments
  • 200 gratis, MIDI-compatible virtual instruments

Audio track: 

  • Library of Tracks
  • Numerous tracks.
  • Construction of tracks
  • Paranormal-themed songs


  • Loops Library
  • Ten thousand professionally recorded, royalty-free loops.
  • Loop packs
  • Pre-made loops


How To Use The BandLab Application

The Mix Editor is an online digital audio workstation available to BandLab for education app users. It allows you to build projects with up to 16 tracks and 15 minutes of duration.

You can record with Bandlab Web by joining or connecting to your account.

  1. tap the Red + Create icon to start a new project.
  2. When you go to the New Track screen, you have seven options to select from:

Instruments: Play a variety of virtual instruments with your keyboard or MIDI controller.

Drum Machine: Use the integrated drum machine to create beats and rhythms.

Mic/Voice: Record your voice and any additional noises.

Guitar: To utilise BandLab as an amplifier, plug in your guitar.

Bass: Use BandLab as an amplifier by plugging in your bass.

Audio/MIDI Import: Utilising your computer, import audio or MIDI Add MIDI and audio files.

Explore Loops: Sort the Loop Pack library’s selections according to your favourite genres and instruments.

  1. After creating a track, enter your project’s Name, Key, Tempo, and Time Signature. Also, change the metronome’s settings. Check the input under the Source setting (located in the Mix Editor’s lower left corner) before beginning to record. You’re set to go when the volume metre starts to move.
  2. Press the Red Record Button (shortcut R) to begin recording as soon as you’re ready. On the same button, press to end the recording. 

(shortcut Enter)

  1. Click the Save button in the screen’s upper-right corner to save your work after you’ve finished recording.

Is BandLab For Education User-Friendly 

Regarding the feature set, BandLab for Education falls comfortably between GarageBand and Logic. GarageBand is simple to use but offers a few more tools, including a lyric editor, magnetic timeline, and tap tempo.

With BandLab sounds are better than expected since BandLab focused on giving the “studio staples”—grand piano, drum kit, and bass—a little more strength intheir app. Although the sound set is straightforward overall, the sounds load quickly. Real-time recording and playing is possible on most devices, including workstations and iOS. Additionally, BandLab allows you to export all of its songs as WAV files for eventual importation into a desktop DAW.

BandLab Cloud

BandLab puts teamwork at the forefront. You can create a “band” with other users. Everyone in the band can access the same list of songs, which allows you to work together on songs. You can also use “forks”, variations of the same song that have branched off. For instance, you can create a fork if your bassist writes a song. This fork keeps the original music intact while letting you make changes for comparison. Understanding this is easy, and it makes using BandLab more enjoyable.

Desktop Assistant

The BandLab app allows you to utilise your desktop to create new projects, work on current ones, and upload recent tracks. BandLab Assistant provides useful shortcuts and keeps you updated with desktop notifications.

BandLab for Mobile

If you are willing to keep up with producing music more creatively then BandLab is the best you have got,because our iOS and Android apps allow you to work on your music more effectively from home or on the move.

Is Taking Help From BandLab App Beneficial For Beginners

BandLab is excellent for beginners! Providing consumers with various tutorials will enable them to create complex music. BandLab is compatible with both Amazon Music and Apple Music, and it offers a free range for novices to experiment with. Brandlab for Education provides levelled alternatives and recommendations for students, making it ideal for beginners and advanced musicians.


BandLab for Education includes:

  • Built-in forums.
  • Chat.
  • A collaborator search function.
  • Real-time collaborative DAW sessions.

It provides all the tools essential for musicians to develop their ideas at all levels. Bandlab is an ideal choice for producers of all levels. It is absolutely free and allows you to connect with fans and musicians.

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