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Top 10 ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024 (Free and Paid)

You’ve probably noticed how incredibly popular ChatGPT has become online. It’s a chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models, allowing people to chat with artificial intelligence. Now, ChatGPT can even see images and speak, which makes it even more impressive. However, this popularity has led to ChatGPT’s servers being overwhelmed with users, causing frequent downtime. If you’re someone who often finds ChatGPT unavailable when you need it, you might want to check out our list of the best ChatGPT alternatives in 2024.

Table of Contents

  • Google Gemini (Formerly Bard)
  • Microsoft Copilot
  • Mistral Chat
  • Perplexity AI
  • Claude 2.1
  • GroqChat
  • Chatsonic
  • HuggingChat
  • Pi, your personal AI
  • GitHub Copilot

1.    Google Gemini (Formerly Bard)

Since ChatGPT gained massive popularity, lots of users have been keeping an eye on Google. Finally, Google has introduced its own family of impressive AI models called Gemini, which can rival the best models of ChatGPT. Gemini, previously known as Bard, runs on the Gemini 1.0 Pro model.

If you’re interested in trying out the most powerful Gemini 1.0 Ultra model, you can sign up for Gemini Advanced, which is similar to ChatGPT Plus. Currently, Google is offering a two-month free trial along with Google One benefits.

ChatGPT Alternatives 1

After comparing Gemini Ultra with OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, we found that Gemini Ultra excels in creative writing and proves to be an excellent aid for research, thanks to its integration with Google Search. Overall, it’s a commendable model. However, when it comes to common sense reasoning, it lags behind GPT-4.

That being said, the free version of Gemini is quite powerful and, in some instances, it outperforms the free version of ChatGPT (which runs on the GPT-3.5 model). Additionally, it offers image analysis support, a feature not available in the free tier of ChatGPT.

Gemini also provides extension support, allowing integration with Gmail, Drive, Google Docs, and more, resulting in personalised responses. Furthermore, its YouTube integration enables users to ask questions about any YouTube video.

Similar to the GPT-4 model, both Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra are multimodal models, although the multimodal capability has yet to be activated. Google plans to add this feature to both the free version of Gemini and Gemini Advanced in the near future.

Moreover, Gemini Advanced users can now generate images and execute Python code within the Gemini interface. The upcoming Gemini 1.5 Pro model, built on a sparse MoE architecture like GPT-4, boasts an impressive context length of 1 million tokens. Therefore, Gemini serves as a robust alternative to ChatGPT, with continuous improvements.

Key Features: Image uploads, Chat history, Powered by the latest Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra models, Export to Docs, Colab, Strong coding and reasoning capabilities, Multilingual support, Python interpreter.

Check Out Gemini (Gemini Advanced starts at $20 per month, Offers a free trial of 2 months with Google One benefits)

2.    Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot stands out as one of the strongest rivals to ChatGPT. It has undergone numerous changes and rebrands over time. This AI bot is powered by an enhanced version of ChatGPT, initially dubbed the “Prometheus model,” but later revealed to be GPT-4.

Copilot is unique in offering free access to the GPT-4 model. Recently, the company introduced Copilot Pro, priced at £20 per month, providing priority access to GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4, and future models from OpenAI. Additionally, it allows users to utilise Copilot features within Office applications. It’s worth noting that free Copilot users will only receive responses from the GPT-4 model during off-peak hours.

ChatGPT Alternatives 2

Aside from that, Copilot is packed with all the useful AI features that make it an excellent ChatGPT alternative. Its Chat mode serves as the core, pulling in web queries and enabling users to engage in comprehensive conversations based on them. Users can customise the bot to ensure it responds appropriately to their needs.

This AI bot, acting as a search engine, has integrated support for numerous functionalities such as widgets, chat history, and even multimodal capability, allowing it to interpret images.

Moreover, users benefit from enhanced accuracy and the inclusion of Bing Image Creator. Copilot also facilitates tasks like trip planning, recipe retrieval, seeking advice, and more, akin to ChatGPT. Additionally, Copilot offers a variety of plugins.

Key Features: Powered by GPT-4, Supports visual input and output, Internet connectivity, Multimodal capabilities, Access to latest information on any topic, Chat history, Various chat modes, Source citation.

Try Microsoft Copilot (Copilot Pro starts at $20 per month)

3.    Mistral Chat

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, Microsoft has recently made a substantial investment of around £16 million in a promising French AI startup named Mistral AI. This investment has overshadowed its close collaborator, OpenAI. Mistral AI has been making waves in the open-source community for its development of potent AI models, posing significant competition to OpenAI’s GPT-4 model.

Their newly unveiled Mistral Large model stands as one of the leading AI models available, achieving a score of 81.2% in the MMLU test (compared to GPT-4’s 86.4%). According to the company, Mistral Large excels in advanced reasoning, supports a context length of up to 32,000 tokens, offers function calling support akin to GPT-4, and is naturally fluent in various popular international languages.

ChatGPT Alternatives 3

Furthermore, the company has introduced Mistral Chat (also known as Le Chat), which runs on the Mistral Large model. If you’re seeking a reliable alternative to ChatGPT without the need for GPT-4 access, Mistral Chat is an impressive option, powered by a Mistral Large model of GPT-4 calibre. Users desiring AI models proficient in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian will find Mistral Chat appealing.

Key Features: Multilingual support, Advanced reasoning capabilities, Context length of 32,000 tokens, Strong coding capabilities, Free to use, Powered by Mistral Large, Supports native function calling via API.

Check Out Mistral Chat (Free)

4.    Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a ChatGPT alternative users have always loved because it combines a search engine experience with AI like Copilot. The bot has also been trained on OpenAI’s API and, as such, performs well with good responses. While the tool can converse with you, it even cites sources for its answer.

In addition to searching the Internet, Perplexity can scan through a range of sources like Reddit, written content, YouTube, and more. Perplexity AI offers a useful co-pilot mode powered by GPT-4, which delves deeply into your queries to provide optimal answers. However, you’re limited to five queries for GPT-4, which refresh every four hours.

ChatGPT Alternatives 4

I’ve had numerous interactions with the bot, both with and without the co-pilot, and it consistently provided assistance effortlessly. Furthermore, the responses are rapid and free of errors.

Perplexity even offers a multimodal mode alongside Claude 2. However, you’ll need to upgrade to Perplexity Pro to access this feature.

Key Features: Source citation, Practical outcomes, Suitable for product recommendations, Includes GPT-4 mode, File uploading capabilities.

Try Perplexity AI (Android/iOS)

5.    Claude 2.1

In the competitive landscape of AI, ChatGPT faces numerous challengers. One such contender is Claude 2.1, an enhanced AI chatbot developed by Anthropic. With an impressive context length of 200,000, Claude stands as a formidable competitor. Anthropic, backed by Google, positions itself as a rival to OpenAI. Notably, Claude employs a unique approach, eschewing the conventional LLM model. Instead, it utilises a combination of “proprietary AI techniques,” including neural networks and training data, with a focus on natural conversation. This renders Claude a valuable, benign, and trustworthy bot for various applications.

ChatGPT Alternatives 5

Although initially accessible solely through Slack, Claude is now available for free use in over 95 countries. The AI chatbot boasts a wide array of capabilities, from engaging in simple conversations to tackling complex coding tasks, solving puzzles, cracking jokes, and more. Users can also upload compatible files and request Claude to provide summaries for convenience. Notably, the bot delivers responses swiftly and effortlessly.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that Claude 2 lacks internet access and operates within certain data limitations. Additionally, it may encounter difficulties with mathematical problems, so it’s advisable to double-check responses. Nonetheless, feel free to give it a try and share your thoughts with us.

Key Features: 200,000 context window, Ability to load libraries of books, Comparable to the GPT-4 model, Supports PDF file uploads, More affordable than GPT-4, Utilises a safe-to-use LLM approach.

Try Claude 2 (Claude Pro starts at $20 per month)

6.    GroqChat

GroqChat is a hardware company leading the field in AI innovation, having created a dedicated chip for AI inference known as an LPU (Language Processing Unit). Their breakthrough technology has caused a stir in the AI sector, boasting performance levels ten times superior to Nvidia GPUs. In order to demonstrate the capabilities of its LPU, the company has introduced GroqChat, a platform where users can swiftly execute open-source models and obtain results promptly.

ChatGPT Alternatives 6

At present, GroqChat hosts Mistral AI’s Mixtral 8x7B model and Meta AI’s Llama 2 70B model, both of which are commendable. However, I personally prefer Mistral AI’s model due to its superior performance in reasoning and handling complex tasks. If you’re seeking a free alternative to ChatGPT Plus and want to avoid subscription fees, GroqChat is a dependable choice. Additionally, the remarkable speed of GroqChat’s performance is sure to impress.

Key Features: Swift output generation, Hosts open-source models like Mixtral 8x7B, Free to use.

Check Out GroqChat (Free)

7.    Chatsonic

For many users, Chatsonic has emerged as one of the best ChatGPT alternatives, and it’s easy to see why. Built on the foundation of ChatGPT, this bot inherits its extensive capabilities. While initially offering only a few features, Chatsonic has now been turbocharged with numerous functionalities that make it highly valuable.

ChatGPT Alternatives 7

One standout feature is its integrated Google search, allowing it to swiftly retrieve information from the internet and provide detailed answers. This feature ensured that I received accurate information, with the added benefit of source citation for verification. Additionally, Chatsonic includes a built-in image generator for quick photo needs. Though the image quality may not match that of Midjourney, they are still quite decent and produced at lightning speed.

Chatsonic offers various personas, allowing you to engage in conversations with different characters, such as an accountant or a poet. It also includes a voice recording feature for those moments when typing feels like too much effort. Although Chatsonic isn’t free, you receive 10,000 free words upon signing up, with the option to obtain more through purchasing a paid plan.

Key Features: Utilises the GPT-4 model, Generates images, Voice recording functionality, Translation capabilities, Character-based chat, Access to the internet.

Try ChatSonic

8.    HuggingChat

HuggingChat, developed by HuggingFace, stands out as one of the finest open-source ChatGPT alternatives. HuggingFace is renowned for hosting a multitude of AI services, making it a trusted source in the field. Initially based on the Meta AI (LLaMA) LLM, HuggingChat has since evolved to offer a range of language models for users to choose from.

ChatGPT Alternatives 8

These options encompass not only Llama 2 but also other LLMs such as Mixtral-8x7B, OpenChat, Google’s latest open-source Gemma models, and more. To simplify this selection process, HuggingChat provides the option for multiple chats.

HuggingChat is capable of performing all the tasks you’d expect from ChatGPT. It can craft engaging blog posts, generate jokes, provide HTML code for websites, offer recipes, and more. Additionally, there’s a convenient toggle to enable web access, allowing the bot to gather online information to enhance its responses. However, occasional network errors may occur, causing interruptions. Nevertheless, consider trying out this ChatGPT alternative next time the latter experiences downtime.

Key Features: Ability to select from multiple models, Support for web access, Suitable for coding tasks.

Try HuggingChat

9.    Pi, your personal AI

Among the array of ChatGPT alternatives, Pi stands out as a unique option that offers a distinct user experience. As a supportive and intelligent AI, Pi operates on a distinctive design. Unlike traditional chatbots, conversations with Pi unfold dialogue by dialogue. What adds to its appeal is that Pi is one of the few assistants that actively engages in conversation. The website features six different voices, each remarkably lifelike and oddly reassuring.

ChatGPT Alternatives 9

Pi initiates conversations and actively absorbs each message you send. Adopting a therapist-like approach, this ChatGPT alternative is inquisitive and strives to comprehend and respond empathetically. At times, one could almost forget it’s an AI, except for occasional errors.

While continuous interaction may become tiresome, Pi stands as one of the top ChatGPT alternatives for those seeking mental relief. However, signing up requires an account and a valid phone number, which may be a drawback for some users. Nonetheless, it’s worth giving it a try.

Key Features: Personal AI chatbot, Converses in a therapist-like manner, Engaging and interactive.

Try Pi, your personal AI

10.    GitHub Copilot

It’s not just students who can reap the benefits of tools like ChatGPT. For programmers grappling with complex coding tasks, GitHub Copilot comes to the rescue. This tool, based on the auto-completion concept, takes it a step further. It assists programmers by suggesting and completing code snippets and entire functions in real time, acting as a remedy for programmer’s block.

Built on OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 model and trained on extensive code repositories, GitHub Copilot is compatible with popular coding editor platforms such as VS Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains. This intuitive ChatGPT alternative can generate syntax in various programming languages, including Javascript, PHP, and BASH.

ChatGPT Alternatives 10

GitHub has recently added chat and voice features to Copilot, providing users with an experience similar to ChatGPT. With GitHub Copilot Voice, developers can even give verbal prompts in natural language. You can ask Copilot Chat for code enhancements, and it will promptly suggest them in real-time.

In addition to coding assistance, GitHub Copilot leverages the capabilities of GPT-4 to offer users comprehensive analysis and explanations of code blocks. It facilitates pull requests, provides documentation answers, and delivers a personalised developer experience. Although initially available to a limited audience, it’s now becoming more widely accessible. GitHub Copilot is priced at £10 per month for individuals and £19 per user per month for businesses.

Key Features: Utilises GPT-4, Ideal coding tool for developers, Compatible with numerous IDEs, Auto-completion of code, Ability to write test functions, Supports GitHub features, Code debugging capabilities.

Try Github Copilot

In conclusion, the landscape of AI-powered chatbots will offer a plethora of ChatGPT alternatives in 2024, catering to diverse needs and preferences. Whether seeking free or paid options, users can choose from a variety of platforms tailored to their requirements. From GitHub Copilot’s advanced coding assistance to HuggingChat’s unique conversational experience, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, services like Mistral AI and GroqChat provide innovative solutions for specific tasks, demonstrating the continuous evolution of AI technology. With the guidance provided in this comprehensive list, users can confidently explore and utilise these top ChatGPT alternatives, facilitated by the expertise of top assignment writers.