How To Write A PEEL Paragraph
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How To Write A PEEL Paragraph | Expert Guide

Have you ever heard about the term PEEL paragraph? Well, it’s a technique to construct structured paragraphs and essays. Writing essays is an art. You need to structure your points in a set order that is understandable for the reader. 

An essay that is a combination of your thoughts in a haphazard way isn’t going to impress the reader. So, you need to write a concise and focused piece of content that conveys your point. 

If you want to learn about a PEEL paragraph’s structure, how to write one, or simply want to enhance your essay writing skills, this piece is your go-to guide. We will discuss writing a PEEL paragraph from A to Z, so stay along.

What is A PEEL Paragraph?

The PEEL paragraph is a writing method in which you structure paragraphs to convey one explicit and coherent explanation that connects to the subject or thesis statement. This method enables students to connect opinions and facts with proof.

When you write for academic purposes, you should demonstrate what you want to say clearly so that the reader can get your point and what makes you state it. It eliminates the chatter and keeps your content straightforward, well-defined, and interactive.

In the PEEL paragraph method, you dedicate each paragraph to one component of your reasoning, which is an optimal practice. It helps you craft a paragraph that is digestible and convenient for readers to comprehend. The writer needs to consider their reader and how they will understand the information in their writing.

How to Write A PEEL Paragraph?

P Stands for Point

In PEEL, P stands for point. You should begin your paragraph with an explicit topic sentence that demonstrates what your paragraph will contain. Your point should back your thesis statement or essay argument. The key is to state what you want to express unequivocally and crisply.

It may be your first sentence which is the topic sentence where you illustrate what the paragraph will discuss. 

E Stands for Evidence or Example

In PEEL, E means evidence or example. After you set your point, you should give proof or an instance that assists in asserting your primary topic sentence and take your point forward.

There is no point beating around the bush once you have made your initial point. You need to cut to the chase immediately by providing concrete evidence or instances to defend your thesis statement or topic sentence. Professors who mark academic essays look for supporting references in the content. So solid evidence can be your ticket to getting good marks. 

Moreover, evidence and examples also help you attain your reader’s trust and maintain the accuracy of your statement. 

Second E Stands for Explain

In PEEL, the second E stands for explaining. After starting with a clear point and establishing it with evidence or example, you should describe precisely how your proof or instance reinforces your argument, offering more data to help people comprehend its relevance. 

Elaborating on your evidence or examples is necessary to show your readers you know what you are talking about and not just copying the evidence from a book or someone else’s work. 

A reader might not agree with the evidence you presented to support your point, as everyone has their perspective. But if you have added an explanation to your evidence or examples, they may see why you are saying what you are saying. 

An explanation also helps your reader get the full picture and understand what the evidence points to and why that data is important. 

Remember that you can alternate Evidence and Explain in the PEEL technique if it seems right to you. It means you can explain your point first and then propose the evidence or example to defend it.

L Stands for Link

It’s the last part of your paragraph according to the PEEL method. After maintaining your argument, supporting it with proof or example, and thoroughly explaining it, you will link the point you have just asserted to your essay’s topic, thesis, or question.

Why Using the PEEL Paragraph Method Can Brush Up Your Writing?

The PEEL method is a simple way to make your paragraphs more comprehensible for your readers. Students usually don’t focus on making the paragraphs in their essays more structured, which results in poorly written content.

The PEEL technique helps you design your argument directly and rationally. They also help ensure those arguments are robust by keeping paragraphs coherent and linking each point to solid examples and the overall subject of the content. 

Furthermore, connect your current paragraph’s argument to the point in the following paragraph to maintain coherency. Alternatively, you may revert to your primary argument or introduce the opposing point.

The idea is to tie up all the central arguments you want to tackle. You will link a current paragraph to the following one at the end of the paragraph. It serves as a portal to your next statement, where the complete PEEL process will begin once again.

Lastly, proofread your paragraph to detect any loopholes or problems in content flow. We recommend reading it twice or thrice to ensure your essay is up to the mark. Check your paragraph for grammar, spelling, sentence flow, and vocabulary. Reading it aloud to yourself can do the trick for you. If it sounds vague or less clear, think about rewriting.

Example of PEEL Writing

We hope you now understand what the PEEL essay writing method is. It’s time to give some quick examples to deepen your understanding. 

Point – Developing a thorough understanding of the outside corporate environment is imperative for a travel company. 

Example/Evidence – For instance, an understanding of the outside corporate environment, like expansion in the world economy may inspire a travel agency to provide vacation packages to prospective clients.

Explanation – A PEST analysis can help a business get an understanding of the outside business atmosphere. It can help a travel agency assess social trends, such as customers’ travel habits or flight booking preferences. It then enables the business to give consumers what they need. Plus, knowledge of current economic trends and news in the world aids them in making decisions. 

Link – In this way, assessing the external corporate atmosphere may offer a clear overview of one tactic a travel business can apply to gain a competitive edge in the evolving landscape.

Bottom Line

Writing compact and valuable essays is essential for students to get the desired grades. But they often lack academic writing skills which adds fluff to their writing resulting in average marks. PEEL paragraph method helps you keep your essay distinct, intelligible, and short. 

Using this method, you can construct your essays on your own without needing cheap assignment writing services. Just keep in mind that your paragraphs shouldn’t be too lengthy. Try to cut off the waffle and break large paragraphs into multiple ones to maintain a polished look for your writing. Also, ensure you create a new paragraph for every new argument you add to the essay.